Friday 20 August 2010

Can you help Judith Townend with her survey looking at online publishing and the law?

Former journalist Judith Townend (left) is conducting a short survey of UK-based online publishers, bloggers and writers looking at the legal climate in which they operate.
The survey will form part of Judith's MA project at London's City University looking at independent online publishers and the law. You can find the survey questions here.
Results will be anonymised (unless additional permission is given to share specific details) in a City University London MA dissertation and online.
Judith says: "I'm really intrigued to find out how independent publishers and writers handle the legal side of things. Who do they consult when there's no night lawyer on hand? Have they actually come up against legal threats? There's already been a good response to my survey so far and I'd like to gather more data to make my final analysis stronger. It's only the beginning of my research into legal restraints for journalists and bloggers, but I can see there's a real interest and hunger for information in this area."

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