Wednesday 5 May 2010

Election 2010: Is it down to Amanda Holden?

We know what Simon Cowell says in the Sun today. He's backing David Cameron: "I like him, I trust him. He has substance and the stomach to navigate us through difficult times."


AnnB said...

I do hope we never get caught up in the celebrity vote endorsement as they do in the USA. It all becomes a farce as, what do we know about the real lives of celebrities? I am hoping we are moving away from celebrity endorsements with Woods etc doing damage not just to his car but his sponsors brands. It looks like the big brands are waking up with Max Factor and Simple wanting real people in their marketing and allowing anyone to enter their respective competitions, so Amanda can be a 'Simple Star'.

George Dearsley said...

That's decided then....welcome to Number 10...Stavros Flatley

Hel said...

if cowell likes substance so much, why does his music lack it so?