Wednesday 26 May 2010

Indy urges: 'Come out from the cloak of anonymity'

The Independent's online editor Martin King explains why the paper is stopping anonymous postings on its online site.
He writes: "Websites have been encouraging cowardice. They allow users to hide behind virtual anonymity to make hasty, ill-researched and often intemperate comments regardless of any consideration for personal hurt or corporate damage."
King urges posters: "If you are speaking up, then speak up proudly and with responsibility. Embrace this opportunity to come out from the cloak of anonymity. That’s for the cowards for whom “freedom of speech” is something to rant about rather than an expression to live by. With all its obligations."


Anonymous said...

Jon, he has a very good point. Perhaps you ought to do likewise. Anon.

Jon Slattery said...

O.K. then. Throw off your cloak of anonymity and declare yourself.