Wednesday 5 May 2010

Steve Dyson gets high in the Lake District

Steve Dyson headlines his blog reviewing regional newspapers, hosted by HoldtheFrontPage, today 'Confessions of an English newspaper-eater'.
It is an acknowledgement that the paper he is reviewing, the Westmorland Gazette, was once edited by Thomas de Quincey, author of 'Confessions of an English Opium-Eater'.
Dysonwrites that the Kendal-based weekly has been through radical changes with production moved to Blackburn and that the traditional role of an editor had been removed, with a 'senior content editor' now under a group editor in that town.
But he is still impressed with what's on the menu. Good exclusives, a high story count, community news, plenty of sport and no literals. Dyson gives "top marks to senior content editor Andrew Thomas, assistant editor (news) Mike Addison and their team for such fantastic local detail in an 88-page paper " and praises group editor Kevin Young for inspiring his weekly Gazette staff, even if they are 50-miles away in Kendal.
  • Just one thing. The crumpled copy of the Gazette used to illustrate the blog looks like Dyson sat on it all the way back to Birmingham.

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