Monday 17 May 2010

Dave and Nick haven't won over the Daily Mail

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have a job on their hands winning over the Daily Mail.
On Saturday the Mail led on a story claiming middle class families face an extra annual tax bill of £1,200.
Today the Mail's lead warns: "The middle classes are wrongly being ‘hammered’ with an excessive burden of tax, David Cameron’s own taxation guru said last night. Former Cabinet minister Lord Forsyth, who led the Tory Tax Reform Commission, spoke after the Prime Minister warned those on middle incomes to expect further cuts in child tax credits and rises in capital gains tax."
Stephen Glover in the Independent today notes that of the centre left newspapers the Guardian is "unhappiest" with the coalition and "already it is possible to discern irritation in the Daily Mail".
suggests there could be an unlikely anti-coalition alliance in the press. "On the whole I would think that this Cam-Clegg, Con-Lib stitch-up may eventually come in for rather more criticism than praise, because it has weakened the bonds that normally connect newspapers to the parties they support. At the end of it all, we may well end up in a situation not unlike the one we are in – with The Guardian and the Daily Mail fighting on the same side, or at any rate against a common enemy."

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