Wednesday 5 May 2010

Roy Greenslade on Johnston Press: 'When does a wake-up call turn into a scream?'

Media Guardian commentator Roy Greenslade asks of Johnston Press today: "When does a wake-up call turn into a scream?"
Greenslade refers to a comment piece by's Judith Townend: Tensions mount in Johnston Press newsrooms in which she gives a round-up of recent stories about the company and its journalists.
  • The company’s executives getting bonus packages while its staff are subject to a pay freeze.
  • JP staff stuck abroad due to the ash cloud were asked to take it out of their holiday allowance, or as unpaid leave.
  • Strike action at Scarborough Evening News and related weeklies last week.
  • The company wide ballot among NUJ members in favour of strike action over the introduction of the Atex editorial management system.
Both Greenslade and Townend refer to the article by my guest blogger Yorkiehack who has given an insider's view of Johnston Press.
Greenslade concludes: "I have remarked several times in recent months that Johnston Press is going downhill fast in various places (most obviously in Edinburgh). When does a wake-up call turn into a scream?"

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