Tuesday 18 May 2010

The 'delightfully indiscreet' Lord Triesman

Francis Beckett blogs about Lord Triesman, forced to resign as FA chairman following the Mail on Sunday's revelations, who he describes as "personable and likeable in public, and delightfully indiscreet in private".
Beckettt, who says he has known Triesman on and off for thirty years, claims: "Triesman's friends and colleagues know that many of his private conversations should never be taken seriously."
He adds: "Before we laugh too loudly at Triesman's misfortune, ask whether we want to live in a world populated by slimeballs like Melissa Jacobs, where before we relax over a meal with a friend, we have to frisk them for hidden microphones."
Meanwhile, the Independent reports today: "The Football Association is braced for the publication of a highly personalised attack on those at the top level of the game considered by Lord Triesman to be "greedy, corrupt and ignorant," with the deposed chairman's former aide Melissa Jacobs understood to be in two minds about whether to share more revelations from her recorded conversation with him."

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