Wednesday 5 May 2010

Independent says: 'Vote Lib or Lab'

The Independent calls today for readers to vote strategically for the Liberal Democrats or Labour in order to bring about electoral reform.
Its front page leader concludes: "The Liberal Democrats are certainly not without their faults. But they are longstanding and convincing champions of civil liberties, sound economics, international co-operation on the great global challenges and, of course, fundamental electoral reform. These are all principles that this newspaper has long held dear. That is why we argue that there is a strong case for progressively minded voters to lend their support to the Liberal Democrats wherever there is a clear opportunity for that party to win.
Yet in those constituencies where there is likely to be a close fight between Labour and the Conservatives, there is an equally strong case for voters to cast their ballot to keep out a Tory party which incarnates this discredited "business as usual" approach to politics.
A great prize could await Britain this week: a change that could reinvigorate and re-legitimise our politics in the same manner as the great Reform Acts of previous centuries. It is that prize, above all, that we would urge all our readers to keep at the forefront of their minds when they go to the polls tomorrow. It is time to use our rotten voting system (for what we fervently hope will be the last occasion) to change the system – and deliver a new politics."

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