Monday 17 May 2010

Grimsby Mail? ...Surely some mistake!

Oh, the joys of central subbing. Grimsby Telegraph readers must've been left scratching their heads at this front page splash on the General Election results.
It referred to Hull MP Alan Johnson refusing to rule himself out of the Labour leadership race when "questioned by the Mail" and declarations being announced "as the Mail went to press."
It seems that the Evening Telegraph, now subbed across the Humber in Hull, had the identical front page as the Hull Daily Mail.
Hope this not another money saving wheeze from the bean counters at Northcliffe - one group front page a day.

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Anonymous said...

oh dear, and so the cracks begin to show, hell why not just publish one newspaper for all local areas across the country.. perhaps drop the words Hull Daily and just call it the Mail.... hang on a minute.....