Thursday 20 May 2010

It's another Johnston Press picture exclusive

Mutiny on the HMS Atex: Journalists are cut adrift and have to find their own way to the new Johnston Press central subbing hub in Sheffield.

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Anonymous said...

John – Despite being an NUJ member, out of fairness, I feel the need to clarify the situation behind the legal action taken by Johnston Press earlier this week. The NUJ are clearly seeking to bargain with Johnstons on a nation level – it appears to be their primary objective as it obviously gives them more clout. However, as they only represent about one quarter of editorial staff within Johnstons, they clearly would have no legal right to claim recognition on that basis. However, in their wisdom (and using our subscriptions) they decided to plough ahead with a national ballot rather than balloting each of their chapels separately where they actually have legal recognition. I am reliably informed that Johnstons informed the NUJ several times of the illegalities of this approach and eventually of their intention to seek an injunction. The NUJ failed to heed these warnings and, therefore, have no doubt incurred both a legal bill and loss of face. This was not a BA technicality, this was barefaced incompetence on behalf of those who represent me.