Monday 24 May 2010

Journalists carp at Johnston Press giant pet show

Journalists posting on HoldtheFrontPage are having a laugh over the Johnston Press to stage giant pet show story.

Scribbler writes:"Perhaps this is the latest JP staffing-cuts ploy? Find a few tame monkeys, train 'em to use Atex and bingo! No subs OR reporters necessary."

billy davies: "Shortly to be followed, I understand, by the "Hate Journalists and See them Eaten by Crocodiles" show at the Wembley Arena."

Subby Sub: "This will actually double up as a recruitment drive to replace the current senior management executives. The animals will not require a salary, thus saving millions, and do a far better job than the current incumbents. However, the ability to s**t all over the company when they feel like it will still remain."

outofit: "if we needed proof that JP is going to the dogs, here it is. These clowns belong in a circus."

Donnacha DeLong: "So THAT'S what they do - pet show organising! As we found recently, they don't actually employ any journalists. It all makes sense now."

prionmonkey: "The directors have realised that they know nothing about running newspapers and are desperately casting about for something else to screw up. This would be hilarious if it wasn't for the fact that they are making hundreds of journos redundant."

Lensman: "Haven't laughed as much in ages. Would like to have been in the boardroom when this brilliant idea came up. Anyone sure they're not planning to turn their redundant journos into cans of meaty pet chunks. Sales of these could cover the cost of setting up the show."
  • Some pedants claim that the HTFP headline suggests that the show will be for "giant pets". When I first started on a paper I wrote a story about the exploding cat population in Lincoln. One senior journalist quipped: "Here Jon, where are all these exploding cats?"
  • Exclusive: Giant pet show pic

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