Tuesday 11 May 2010

Photographer stopped again by City of London Police using Section 44 anti-terror laws

The Guardian is reporting today that Grant Smith, a renowned architectural photographer, has again been subject to a stop and search by police under anti-terrorist powers while trying to photograph the capital's skyline.
Smith was taking photographs near London Wall, when he was stopped by officers from City of London police. It is the second time in six months that Smith has been stopped by City police under the controversial section 44 of the Terrorism Act, which allows officers to stop and search anyone without need for suspicion in designated areas.
The Guardian's Paul Lewis reports that "Smith said he was first approached by a security guard asserting he could not photograph a building. When he asserted his lawful right to continue taking images, police were called. He said two uniformed officers detained him, one by grabbing his arms behind his back, and refused requests to record the stop and search on his camera. He added that they even refused to let him use a pen and paper to note down their details. He was told he was being held under section 44 because of his "obstructive and non-compliant attitude", and said police left him feeling "humiliated" after manhandling him in front of office workers."

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