Wednesday 9 September 2009

Website stands up for the Observer

A new website Stand Up for The Observer has been launched in the battle to save the world's oldest Sunday newspaper from possible closure by the Guardian Media Group.
It is the work of NUJ journalists on the Observer and the Guardian.
The site says: "Within a matter of weeks, the Scott Trust, a non-charitable panel of nine trustees which owns the Guardian Media Group, will decide whether to extinguish The Observer.
"We hope that by bringing this urgent and very real crisis to your attention you will join the growing chorus of opinion aimed at ensuring one of the most respected and cherished proponents of liberal values in the global media is allowed to continue.
"Journalists working across both newspaper believe strongly that the Observer must not only survive, but continue to be properly resourced so that it can continue as an independent Sunday newspaper that can successfully compete in its market. That is why they voted - at a meeting of their joint union - to reject any move to close the title... We do not believe the financial case has been made for shutting down this British institution. Now we are asking that you too Stand Up for the Observer."

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