Tuesday 22 September 2009

'Consumers want subs not micro-payments'

On Monday paidContent:UK revealed how, if their favourite news site started charging for content, just five per cent of Brits would pay. Today the paidContent:UK/Harris Interactive poll shows that a long-term subscription, and not micropayments, is by far the most attractive option to consumers.
Users who read a news site at least once a month were asked what their favoured option would be if they either chose to pay for their favourite site or were forced to pay by all news sites going pay-for only.
A subscription of up to a year is the most desired model, supported by 54 percent.
A day pass giving unlimited articles within a 24-hour period is favoured by 26 percent.
Per-article fees (ie. micropayments) are the favourite option of only 21 percent.

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