Wednesday 30 September 2009

'Mail not Sun is Britain's most influential paper'

The Guardian's Michael White accuses the upmarket media of taking the Sun too seriously over its move to drop Labour and switch support to the Tories, arguing it is the Daily Mail that is the most influential newspaper in Britain.
White blogs from the Labour Party conference today: "The odd thing is that the upmarket media always takes the Sun almost as seriously as it does itself. The BBC, for instance, has been leading bulletins on this great event.
"Yet it's hardly a secret that the Daily Mail is Britain's most influential newspaper, far more frightening to politicians and other establishment targets, far more sophisticated than the Bun and – nowadays – selling almost as many copies as the sinking redtop. Its influence, not all of it angry and malign, can be seen in every corner of public debate, including Brown's speech.
"I think the basic difference, apart from the fact that the Mail's journalism is much more formidable, is that – allowing for a sensible dose of cynicism, always wise where media is concerned – the Mail and its editor Paul Dacre do believe in things.
"In contrast, the Sun's policy switch is dictated by Murdoch and his well-documented policy of being on the winning side."

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