Wednesday 23 September 2009

Message to Iranian president in New York: 'We haven't forgotten the journalists behind bars in your country'

The Committee to Protect Journalists has sent a message to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who is in New York to speak at the United Nations.
It says: "Dear Mr. President, While you are in New York this week to attend the United Nations General Assembly, your visit will be covered by the hundreds of journalists from around the world who are in the city for the annual gathering. But as many of these journalists report freely and openly on your speech and meetings they will no doubt be thinking of the dozens of journalists back in your country who are behind bars for trying to report on events in Iran."


Toronto furniture said...

This is a very well aimed message. It sarcastically refers to the truth by diplomatically expressing lately a very significant problem concerning censoring press with imprisoning journalist to stop them from writing. Martin

constant gina said...

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Limo said...

no one can accept Ahmadinejad and not even his any peace appeal.