Wednesday 9 September 2009

IFJ calls for safety review after Afghan rescue

The International Federation of Journalists has welcomed the rescue of New York Times journalist Stephen Farrell in Afghanistan but called for a safety review after his Afghan interpreter Sultan Munadi was killed in the military operation.
"The good news of Stephen's successful rescue has been overshadowed by Sultan's tragic killing," said Aidan White, IFJ general secretary. "It reminds us of the sacrifice that we all have to pay for media freedom.
"The killing of Sultan brings into sharp focus the issue of safety of local personnel who are employed by foreign media organisations in Afghanistan. We must ensure that, like all reporters, they are properly trained to work in dangerous conditions.
"The IFJ further calls on Nato leadership in Afghanistan to investigate the circumstances which led to Sultan's killing and engage with Afghan Association of Journalists on their safety needs."

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Lisa said...

Thank God Farrell is alive, but it is awful the interpreter had to die in the process.