Thursday 24 September 2009

Ofcom highlights vital role of regional press

Ofcom has highlighted the importance of the local press to society and how its unbiased reporting is trusted by the public, as part of its evidence to the government’s consultation on regional and local news.
The detailed research study, Local and Regional Media in the UK, was conducted by Ofcom as part of its submission to the Department of Culture Media and Sport consultation. It found that local newspapers play an “important role” in sustaining democracy, are “embedded in people’s lives”, and continue to be highly trusted.
The study states: "Local newspaper journalism not only underpins the delivery of local news on other media, but also makes a key contribution to the national news agenda.
“Consumers and citizens value the role local and regional content plays in their lives; local and regional news in particular helps to inform people about what is going on in their local community, while news and other types of local content contribute towards reflecting UK cultural identity and representing diversity and alternative viewpoints.”
Ofcom also said: “Within the local media ecology, local newspapers are the most trusted source of fair and unbiased local news and information, after regional TV, and closely followed by local radio.
“Many respondents felt an emotional tie with this medium, and considered it essential for those interested in following local politics."
“The DCMS consultation on sustainable, independent and impartial news in the Nations, locally and in the regions’, to which the NS also responded, closed this week.
Story via Newspaper Society