Tuesday 15 September 2009

F1 boss Max Mosley likens 'grubby' News of the World and Daily Mail to the Taliban

Formula One boss Max Mosley is showing no signs of backing off in his privacy battle against the News of the World, which revealed he indulged in sado-masochism.
In a Guardian interview today he compares the News of the World and the Daily Mail to the Taliban.
He says: "The strange thing is that, because there is so much in the press about the Taliban or religious extremists, people are beginning to understand that it's not up to grubby little newspapers like the News of the World or Daily Mail to do the same in England."
The article continues: "Making some libellous comparisons between the Taliban and certain characters in British journalism, Mosley stresses his indignation: 'It never crossed my mind not to fight back. Without being priggish there is a dutiful aspect because these newspapers often pick on people who don't have the money or the intellectual resources to fight back. So that's why I will continue to fight them.' "
Mosley says he has legal actions continuing against the News of the World in France and Italy.

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