Friday 18 September 2009

Subs fear 'clear out' at Johnston Press

Insiders at Johnston Press believe a new editorial system could lead to a "clear out" of the company's subs, HoldtheFrontPage reports today.
Johnston chief executive John Fry in a message to staff announced the company was to get a new editorial and content management system. Insiders have told HTFP the new system will mean reporters writing onto a template on a pre-designed page, and also writing headlines for both the paper and the web. Copy would then be subbed by the newsdesk and the page completed by the editor or deputy, with subs being retained only for page-design purposes.
In a further move, notices have gone up at some JP centres asking for editorial trainers on an 18-month secondment which staff believe is linked to the introduction of the new system.
One journalist told HTFP: "It looks as though the long-rumoured clear out of subs will be happening at Johnston Press. They want people to train reporters how to use a new system, which will see reporters write directly onto pages. Therefore, no subs required!"
Johnston Press said only that there will be "no formal announcement" about the new system at the present time.

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