Friday 11 September 2009

'Put BNP's Nick Griffin through the mangle'

Ian Burrell in a posting on the Independent's media site today says he has discussed the issue of BNP leader Nick Griffin appearing on Question Time with BBC political editor Nick Robinson.
Burrell says he agrees with Robinson's view of the BNP: "They're a legitimate party who some people vote for, who others loathe and despise and think are dangerous, whose ideas must be fully tested and can't be censored."
Burrell adds: "The likes of Robinson and John Humphrys should get their chance to put Griffin through the mangle. In the meantime we must trust the vastly-experienced David Dimbleby (for whom Robinson was once a producer), along with the members of the public who make up the Question Time audience, to pull away the mask of the BNP leader who few would deny is an increasingly effective media performer."

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