Tuesday 29 September 2009

Possible new editors for the Journalist

Who's up to replace Tim Gopsill as editor of the NUJ's magazine, the Journalist?
I've already mentioned Rich Simcox, who edits Activate magazine for the Public and Commercial Services union and has the backing of the NUJ Left.
Other possible candidates, expected to be shortlisted this week, are said to include Michael Cross, a freelance who has written for the Guardian and has worked for the New Scientist and the Independent; Steve Usher, Daily Star FoC; Frank Morgan, Daily Record; Christine Buckley, ex-Times; Mark Watts, freelance, FoI campaigner and investigative journalist; Tim Arnold, freelance with broadcasting experience; Dave Tilly, Trinity Mirror content editor.
Once a shortlist has been approved by the union, a ballot of the membership starts on 6 of October and lasts a month.


Michael Cross said...

Very interesting - I can confirm that I have applied, though no word on the shortlist has reached me.
Michael Cross (www.michaelcrossjournalist.net)

Tim Arnold said...

It's Tim Arnold, actually, Jon.

If elected, I promise to check people's names before publication.


Tim Arnold

Jon Slattery said...

Apologies Tim. I have corrected the story which had you wrongly named as Tom.


Jon S