Wednesday 23 September 2009

NUJ executive seeks annual subs rise

Delegates at the NUJ's Annual Delegate Meeting in Southport in November will be asked to back an increase in union subs from 1 March 2010 which would boost NUJ coffers by £157,000 a year. The suggested annual subs rise, as proposed by the union's National Executive Council is: Grade 1 – £4.16p, Grade 2 – £6.24p, Grade 3 – £7.80p.

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Donnacha DeLong said...

Just in case anyone thinks we want to "boost our coffers" for the sake of it, the wave of redundancies across the industry have hit the union's finances hard and we need to do something to fill the gap. A subs rise is one way of doing it and is necessary, but even more important is recruitment. If every member recruited one other person to the union, we'd be in better financial shape than we've ever been.