Monday 28 September 2009

Straw to face BNP leader on Question Time

Justice Secretary Jack Straw has agreed to take part in a debate alongside the British National Party leader Nick Griffin on the BBC's Question Time programme.
Straw told the BBC he would join a panel which will include Griffin, a Conservative and a Liberal Democrat, in London on 22 October. The programme will be chaired by David Dimbleby (pictured). Labour has previously refused to debate with the BNP. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats had already said they would take part in the programme.
Speaking on the Politics Show, Straw said: "Wherever we have had BNP problems in my area and when we have fought them hard, we've pulled back and won the seats back. And that's what we have to do. We've got to make the argument for people and I am delighted to do so."
No BNP representatives have appeared on Question Time, but the BBC reviewed its position following the party's success in last June's European elections, in which Griffin was one of two BNP candidates to be elected as an MEP.

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