Friday, 1 May 2009

Why Guido Fawkes is crowing today

Blogger Guido Fawkes (aka Paul Staines) is crowing today over his web figures which were boosted by his scoop on the Downing Street "smear emails" story.
Guido reports: "April saw a total of over 3.6m pageviews from 1,382,879 visits by 347,994 visitors making 2,995,765 pageviews plus 680,207 views via RSS feed readers. Not bad for one guy with a laptop, Blackberry and a penchant for Guinness."
He adds: "With traffic averaging over 100,000 pageviews daily this blog puts traditional political publications like the New Statesman in the shade . . .Many thanks to you the readers and the advertisers who make this blog more profitable than both the Guardian and Independent combined."

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