Monday, 18 May 2009

BNP ads on Newsquest newspaper websites

As well as the Bromsgrove Advertiser (left: see post below) BNP banner ads are also appearing on the internet sites of two other Newsquest titles in the Midlands, the Stourbridge News and the Dudley News.
Smaller "Vote BNP" online ads are being carried on the websites of two Newsquest dailies, the Colchester Gazette and the Echo, which covers Basildon and Southend in Essex.
Newsquest, a subsidiary of the US-owned Gannett newspaper company, took a moral stand last July by banning all adult sex advertisements, having been persuaded of the link between the ads and women being trafficked for sex.

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Anonymous said...

This decision by Newsquest, and Archant before them, is despicable. But not all newspapers are afraid to take a stand. Just over a year ago, the Croydon Advertiser refused to take a BNP advert: