Friday, 29 May 2009

Quotes of the week

Sunday Tribune's Suzanne Breen on her campaign to resist a police application to hand over source material after she reported claims by the Real IRA: "It is very important we run with this otherwise they (the police) will come after other journalists."

Bill Goodwin on the £250,000 it cost Morgan Grampian in legal costs to fight court rulings saying he should reveal a source: "I cannot imagine another employer being so generous at the moment."

Peter Devine, political editor of the Stockport Express, in Total Politics magazine on Guardian Media Group's plan to centralise weeklies in one office: "Moving political reporting out of areas such as Stockport will leave a huge vacuum, one which will be filled by dumbed-down, out-of-touch coverage by out-of-town reporters."

Peter Preston in The Observer on the Lobby: "They're expert, self-regulated members of one gentlemen's club, monitoring another one. They need to cultivate sources, buy drinks and keep onside to keep the chat coming. They are part of the institution, in a way. They do not turn over stones."

George Dearsley on his blog on the awkward questions put by reporters: "I suppose the toughest question I ever had to ask was put to the wrestler Big Daddy and it was : 'is it right that your wife is a lesbian?' ”

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