Friday, 22 May 2009

Newsquest dailies run anti-BNP stories

Newsquest may be taking ads for the BNP but that has not stopped its journalists running stories critical of the party.
Today the Colchester Gazette carries a story about local politicians uniting to tell the BNP they are not wanted in Colchester. It reports that local leaders of the three main parties have put out a joint-statement claiming: "The BNP uses misinformation to sow intolerance and spread messages that cause fear, hatred and division."
Another Newsquest daily in Essex, the Echo, is today running a story BNP are harassing us say Muslims. The story reports how a Muslim leader has urged people not to vote for the BNP in next month’s council and European elections and claimed the Islamic community in Basildon has been threatened by the far right group.
Online, both stories appear on home pages carrying "Vote BNP" adverts.

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