Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Haymarket Network boost for students

Haymarket Network says it is defying the cut back in traineeships for journalism students by expanding its in-house work experience scheme into a ‘live’ youth customer agency.
The Haymarket Fellowship programme has been giving students from Kingston University an experience of customer publishing, plus cash awards, since 2004.
This year Haymarket Network has changed its programme to set journalism students up in a ‘youth marketing agency’ with an actual (although unpaying) client roster.
Beth Brewster, director of studies in journalism at Kingston University, described the nine-student agency as a “knowledge transfer” between young people and clients who want to reach a younger market with customer magazines and other marketing solutions.
Haymarket Network’s youth agency in its first year is to get £5,000 from a Kingston University fund that supports collaboration with business. Haymarket says if it works, the agency could be ongoing and may eventually lead to jobs for journalism graduates.

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