Monday, 18 May 2009

BNP ads: A Newsquest editor's view

This is what a Newsquest editorial director, Martin McNeill, of Newsquest Essex, has replied to a complaint about The Echo in Essex carrying online BNP ads:
"Thanks for your email regarding BNP advertising. We are accepting paid-for advertising from any political parties or candidates standing in the current elections. I appreciate how strongly many people feel about the BNP, but it would be undemocratic and against the principle of free speech to refuse to accept any party's advertising provided it falls within our guidelines.
"The Echo has consistently opposed the BNP in our Comment column and will continue to do so. As editor, I have twice been taken to court, unsuccessfully, by a BNP activist who did not like my editorial stance. I also regularly receive BNP hate mail. Despite this, I feel I must defend the right of all parties to take out paid-for advertising in support of their election candidates.
Best wishes, Martin McNeill Editorial Director Newsquest Essex."
Via Lancaster Unity

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