Tuesday, 19 May 2009

BNP ads: Newsquest defends itself but banner online ads disappear from weekly titles

Newsquest managers have defended the decision to accept BNP ads, saying it would be wrong to "selectively discriminate" against political parties in the run-up to an election, according to the HoldtheFrontPage website.
But in the meantime banner online BNP ads proclaiming "British Jobs for British Workers" which appeared on the top of the Bromsgrove Advertiser's website (top left) as well as those of the Dudley News and Stourbridge News have disappeared.
HTFP, part owned by Newsquest, says criticism of the company has surfaced on a number of "left-wing blogs while some newspaper readers, councillors and church groups have also sent protest emails to the papers' editors".
It says Newsquest Stourbridge has issued a statement in response to a number of complaints from councillors, church groups and others over the ads: "We accept advertisements that comply with the law and the Code of Advertising Practice. We cannot selectively discriminate against legally constituted political parties standing in a public election.
"Indeed, we would say that, in doing so, we might be playing into the hands of those intolerant and anti-democratic forces that people condemn. It is for the electorate to cast judgment, not us."
Newsquest's head office was approached for a formal comment by HTFP but did not respond.

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Paul Linford said...

We have inquired about this and we understand the banner ads will be back today Jon.