Friday 30 September 2011

Sun goes back in time to get the scoops it missed and launches Hold Ye Front Page on the web

The Sun has set up a website called Hold Ye Front Page which shows how the paper would have covered some of the great stories and discoveries from the beginning of time.

The site covers history, science and sport and is part of the paper's Get Britain Learning Campaign.

The front pages range from the start of the universe, the invention of the wheel and fire, plus Henry the Eighth and Darwin.

Hold Ye Front Page was a best-selling history book published by the Sun in 1999 to commemorate the Millennium.

Among the Sun-style headlines were: "You Canute Be Serious!" – King Canute tries to stop the Waves; "Stormin' Normans" – Norman Invasion"; "The French Are Revolting" – The French Revolution; "Napoleon Blown Apart" – defeat of Napoleon; and "Nazi Piece of Work" – Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany.

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