Friday 2 September 2011

Norman Giller: 'Why aren't newspapers challenging football's obscene transfer spree?'

I am sure many football fans would back the views of Sports Journalists' Association columnist Norman Giller and his attack on the £400 million spent by football clubs in the transfer window.

Giller writes: "I cannot be alone in thinking that the £400 million spent in the transfer window was outrageous, bordering on the obscene."

He also questions the role of the media. "It surprises me that my old newspaper employers go along with the insane spree and the hype without considering the wider picture on behalf of their long-suffering readers."

Giller adds: "All the money being spent will eventually come from the pockets of the supporters. Somebody is sure to shout that a lot of it is TV money. But who pays the Sky and ESPN subscriptions?"

He says if he was younger he would run a campaign to reduce ticket prices and encourage football fans to go on strike and boycott matches.

Giller also links to an excellent article by Martin Cloake Is football about spending or sport? on the Daily Finance. I liked the quote about Man City: "We've never seen a club spend so much, so quickly to such effect."

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