Tuesday 6 September 2011

Public loo lightbulb scandal from the paper that brought you 'mum buys out of date pasty' shocker

A correspondent writes: "It appears the Folkestone Herald has the field to itself in the underwhelming story of the year stakes.

"Mum and out-of-date pasty shock may have been trumped a couple of weeks earlier by the same paper revealing the public loo lightbulb scandal."

It appears the light in the Seabrook public toilets may or may not have been left on for years.

My correspondent claims: "The sleepy Kent town is making the silly season look ridiculous."


George Dearsley said...

Blimey, if a cat got stuck up a tree in Folkestone they would have to print a 10-page colour supplement.

BarryBeelzebub said...
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