Thursday 22 September 2011

The media and my part in its downfall

I've done a piece for TheMediaBriefing today about my part in the downfall of the media.

It's based at looking back at places I've worked and how the evening paper I started on is going weekly, the news agency I subsequently worked for has gone bust, and the weekly magazine I then joined has gone monthly.

Not surprisingly, I'm not taking the blame for all this. Most of it happened after I left, but I think it shows how tough it is in the media nowadays.

I love digital media and think it enhances journalism but the move from old to new is proving incredibly painful for many parts of the industry and the many journalists who are losing their jobs.

Although publishers often say when they change print frequency they'll beef up their online content they usually cut the number of editorial staff.

I can't think of anywhere I worked that now employs more journalists.

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