Friday 9 September 2011

Out of date pasty editor admits news cupboard was bare: 'We didn't have anything else' he says

Folkestone Herald editor Simon Finlay has defended his 'out-of date pasty' splash as a "harmless bit of fun."

Finlay admits to HoldtheFrontPage today: “I received abuse from members of the public, asking why I had put the pasty story on the front page. I didn’t have the heart to tell them we didn’t have anything else.”

He claims the story was in fact a page three story as the edition was contained within a wrap-around which carried a stronger story about the return of the Folkestone airshow.

Finlay added: “Any publicity is good publicity. I don’t mind, I will take any criticism.

“If people want to waste moments of their life moaning about a pasty, that’s up to them. It’s a harmless bit of fun.”

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