Friday 2 September 2011

App aims to bridge gap between print and digital

An app enabling Aurasma technology can bring traditionally printed newspapers and magazines to digital life via smart phones and throw them a commercial lifeline to beat off competition from the internet, its makers claim.

Aurasma says the technology enables newspapers and magazines to link automatically to the internet making them interactive and more attractive to readers and advertisers.

Holding a smart phone with the free app over Aurasma enabled print advertisements automatically links the viewer to further information on the company website and the internet.

It is claimed the technology could also be used to enhance editorial. For example a reader while digesting a football report on the sports pages could link via their phone to video of the goals scored simply by pointing it at a story.

The makers claim it could also be used to update weather forecast columns by giving readers up-to-the-minute video weather maps and longer range forecasts and also update financial pages with the latest market information.

Developed in the UK, Aurasma uses images to trigger searches instead of using key words to search the internet for information, as a conventional browser such as Google does.

Talks are said to have already begun with major newspaper and magazine publishers in the UK and in the US to make all their printed content interactive.

The app can be downloaded from an apps store or Android Market Place.

There is a demo on YouTube.
  • I know this is a bit press releasey for me but I thought it might be of interest given the challenges newspapers and magazines are facing from digital media. For more info contact Simon Oldfield on: 07545 474007 or 01438 817760

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