Friday 16 September 2011

New Sun Politics website rises on Westminster

The Sun Politics website launched today promising to keep readers "in the loop" on the latest news from Westminster.

The new site will post from the party conferences, offer news and gossip with The Despatch Box, exclusive YouGov polls and name its hero and villain of the week.

This week ther hero is Theresa May for spending her Saturday afternoons off diligently knocking on the doors of random constituents in Maidenhead.

The "villain" is German Chancellor Angela Merkel for "dithering" over the Eurozone crisis. (First Berlusconi and now the Sun having a go!)

The Sun Politics team is Emily Ashton, Trevor Kavanagh, Tom Newton Dunn, Graeme Wilson and Kevin Schofield.

1 comment:

Alex Dawson said...

I'm sure this will be a sober website full of useful and informed commentary with no hidden agenda or authoritarian and reactionary bias whatsoever.