Wednesday 7 September 2011

Events in Libya still the top story for UK media

Various angles on what's happening in Libya continued to dominate the UK news agenda for the week ending Sunday, September 4, according to journalisted.

Libya generated 639 articles (including Gaddafi, 528 articles; Lockerbie, 119 articles; and Yvonne Fletcher, 84 articles); the British football transfer window closed, 379 articles (including Gary Cahill, who didn't move, 179 articles and Mikel Arteta, who did 110 articles); continued worries about the health of the Eurozone economy, 248 articles; abortion, as Nadine Dorries and Frank Field move an amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill, 107 articles; Mo Farah, gold medallist in the 5000m at the World Athletics Championships in Daegu, 105 articles.

Covered little, according to journalisted, were Brian Paddick, named as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the 2012 London mayoral election, 7 articles; suicide bombers killed 9 in the Chechnyan capital, Grozny, 6 articles; Elin Jones announced her intention to stand for the leadership of Plaid Cymru, Party of Wales, 3 articles; two journalists murdered in Mexico City, 2 articles; Bolivia's Supreme Court convicted five former military officers of killing over 60 people during 2003 protests, in an event described as a 'genocide', 1 article.

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