Friday 2 September 2011

Is Vanessa Redgrave really the Grey Cardigan?

When I was at Press Gazette the most common question I was asked was "who is the Grey Cardigan?"- the curmudgeonly columnist masquerading as a downtable sub.

I hope the Lost in Showbiz column in the Guardian today hasn't given the game way with its report on campaigning actress Vanessa Redgrave and the planned eviction of travellers from Dale Farm.

Lost in Showbiz writes: "Nothing says 'prepare for disappointment' more clearly than Vanessa hoving into camera shot with an agonised look in her eye, and if she's wearing the Grey Cardigan of Care, you may consider the case closed. The garment is GAME OVER in knitted form."

Has anyone seen Vanessa and Grey Cardigan in the same room?

According to the latest issue of Press Gazette, Grey is on strike in a row over delayed payments for the column.

Maybe Grey's really down at Dale Farm helping out the travellers.


Old Regional Press Hand said...

There has been a general assumption within the regional press industry for some time that Grey Cardigan is a certain former Northcliffe editor from the West Country who supports Man U. I've never been entirely convinced of this myself however.

Jon Slattery said...

A Man U supporter from the West country? Impossible.