Sunday 2 October 2011

Sunday Times: Sugar not so sweet on journalists

Alan Sugar doesn't think too much of journalists, judging by this exchange between his Lordship and Lynn Barber in a Sunday Times Magazine interview.

Barber writes: "He [Sugar] claims that he was never taught manners as a child, not even basic things like saying hello or thank you, but he learnt them later.

"When, I wonder? Certainly not when I interviewed him in Boca Raton six years ago and he was rude to me before I even had a chance to be rude to him. He says that he doesn’t remember, so I remind him: “Almost my first question was, ‘Why do you like flying?’ You said, ‘To get away from people like you.’”

"Lord Sugar smiles equably. “Maybe it was a generic thing, because you’re a journalist. They’re all scum, aren’t they? With all due respect. Now don’t forget to write about my new book.”

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