Tuesday 13 April 2010

What's it like working for Johnston Press?

Pretty tough, according to this post on HoldtheFrontPage:

JP NW Hack (13/04/2010 16:11)
"Atex was introduced in the NW about a month ago. Since then I have gone from being a reporter to a jack-of-all dogsbody, subbing my own pages, writing headlines and saving, uploading and processing pictures. And I'm supposed to write news stories as well. My output news-wise, like the rest of my colleagues, has halved as a result. But it's all ok, JP told us today that they plan to honour the 3-year agreed pay deal they reneged on in Dec '08 - this December. This is what happens when a man with no newspaper experience is appointed chief exec of a newspaper company. The saddest thing is this has ruined our papers, made everyone's lives 10 times harder, raised stressed levels in our already understaffed newsroom to boiling point, and yet to our knowledge none of the managers from anywhere in the NW thought to question the company's motives behind introducing Atex. We now know, of course, it was to sack 20 of the 38 subs in the NW."

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