Tuesday 13 April 2010

Bell tolls for Guardian: Cartoonist paints picture of paper spending money 'like drunk with three arms'

I've always been a fan of Steve Bell's hard hitting cartoons in the Guardian. In an interview today with journalism.co.uk he dosen't pull his punches about the paper or its management.
Bell says: ""If you've been [at the Guardian] a long time you tend to get treated better, but people just coming in tend to get shafted and get crap conditions. There's a rights grab that goes on, and it happens across all papers, not least the Guardian but everywhere else too, and it is important to know what to ask for. It is a mean, shark-filled world out there and they are happy to have people working for nothing. 'Oh we pay nothing' – 'Oh nothing, oh well that is fine for me sure, OK, oh hold on how am I going to eat?' – 'Oh don't worry about food…' "
He also accuses the Guardian of "being remarkably silly" and "spending money like a drunk with three arms".  Bell adds: "They moved into this massively expensive place and fitted it out in the most luxurious manner, and they've got media studios galore just sitting there unused and it is just tragic." 
Pic: Guardian's Kings Place HQ.

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