Wednesday 21 April 2010

Another city loses its 'Evening' paper

 The Nottingham Evening Post is the latest regional newspaper to drop 'Evening' from its title.
Launched by Thomas Forman on 1 May 1878, the Evening Post has been given a fresh look to go with its new Nottingham Post masthead. 
Editor Malcom Pheby tells HoldtheFrontPage: "Quite a few of our readers were saying 'It's not really an evening paper' and we wanted to get Nottingham into the masthead.We are proud to be part of Nottingham and wanted to emphasise our connection to the city."
Many famous regional newspapers, including the Derby Evening Telegraph and Birmingham Evening Mail,  have dropped Evening from their mastheads as they printed earlier in the day or, more recently, overnight to give the title more time to be on sale. Gone are the days when evening papers picked up large sales as workers flooded out of factory gates on the way home.
In London there is still the London Evening Standard.
  • New look top, old below.

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BigTram said...

"Victory claim as stab man freed" ??
What sort of a splash headline is that? What does it mean?
The whole front page is a design mess - largely because of the, admittedly unlucky, way the main pic has a background of words in the same two colours as the blurb at the top of the page (a blurb which isn't sufficiently ruled off from the rest of the page IMHO). But that headline is very poor - and on a great human interest story too!