Friday 16 April 2010

Birmingham: 'Small war - not many dead'

John Duckers, a former business editor of the Birmingham Post who now works as a freelance media writer, gives his view of the upcoming Birmingham newspaper war on his Duckers & Diving blog.
He notes that the launch of Chris Bullivants's Birmingham Press and Trinity's Birmingham Post Lite will be followed next month by two big media events in the City - the Midlands Media Awards on May 13 and the Birmingham Press Club Journalists' Charity lunch the next day, with special guest Kelvin MacKenzie.
Duckers writes: "A load of seriously wasted and hung over types are going to have to get second wind fast.
Is it even worth going to bed? But I want to know whether there will be warring tables at both. Flags, bread rolls and insults flying between the Press and Lite and their supporters, or will there be a truce for the two days.
And what is MacKenzie going to make of it all?
That’s if it is even on his radar – after all, two weeklies knocking spots off each other in Birmingham is a bit akin to the classic ‘small war; not many dead’.
But, assuming Kelvin does get wind of it, I’m seriously looking forward to him ripping the piss as only he can.
To battle gallant knights."


Anonymous said...

Odd that Mr Duckers fails to mention he's going to be working for the Birmingham Press.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but at least he removed his 'Birmingham shite' comment from the original posting. Shame really, it was quite funny!