Wednesday 7 April 2010

'Good and not gaudy': Dyson on the T&A

Steve Dyson on his blog reviewing regional newspapers, hosted by HoldtheFrontPage, finds something to like this week  - the Bradford Telegraph & Argus.
He says: "As with all newspapers, the front page has to be at least 'good' to have anything like a positive review on this blog, and the T&A's was far and away the best to date."
Dyson also liked the high story count and lack of "churnalism" in the paper as well as the black and white newsprint. "I realised another element that gave the T&A the feel of a real newspaper: 50pc of all pages were black and white. Whether this was press restrictions or [editor] Austin-Clarke's traditionalism I know not, but I think it contributed to the quality. Should others rethink the front-to-back colour that can be so gaudy?"
He ends with a message to the paper's publisher: "So come on Newsquest. You've got a fantastic paper here, clearly one of best in class from your 'evening' division. It's time to dig deep as we clamber out of the recession and invest in some meaningful marketing across Bradford for your title.
"And don't you dare tamper too much with the team's resources needed to produce such an inspiring product!"

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