Thursday 29 April 2010

MacKenzie calls for revolution at the Guardian

Former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie calls today for journalists at the Guardian to rise up and overthrow their "old guard" bosses.
In his Sun column MacKenzie turns his wrath on Observer media commentator and former Guardian editor Peter Preston who he describes as an "elderly has-been".
MacKenzie, referring to the latest circulation figures showing a year-on-year fall of 17 per cent in Guardian sales and a 23 per cent drop for the Observer, asks: "Was there a squeak from The Guardian about its poor performance? No.
"Did Mr Preston point out that the editors of both papers were untalented, overpaid dimwits whose lack of ability was threatening the jobs of thousands? No. Preston is part of the gang that is sending this company towards the bankruptcy courts."
He then calls for revolution: "The journalists should rise up against this old guard before it removes them."