Friday 30 April 2010

Quotes of the Week

Sky News producer Tami Hoffman blogs about hearing Gordon Brown's gaffe in Rochdale:
"So headphones still on I watched him stride off to his car, and heard a very forceful slam of the door followed by a pause and then 'That was ridiculous'. Gruff, annoyed and most definitely on camera. And then: 'She's just a sort of bigoted woman who said she used to vote Labour.' After days and days of my nose pressed to the coalface of election producing it was a magic moment."

Kelvin MacKenzie in the Sun suggests Observer media commentator Peter Preston should be more critical of the editors of the Guardian and Observer following the latest circulation figures:
"Did Mr Preston point out that the editors of both papers were untalented, overpaid dimwits whose lack of ability was threatening the jobs of thousands? No. "

Thomson Reuters chief executive Tom Glocer on his blog: "I seldom comment on contentious current events, let alone those that affect clients of Thomson Reuters. However, the intense global criticism of Goldman, Sachs prompts me to join the debate. No sooner had the SEC surprised the firm and the market with its charges of fraud relating to the structuring and marketing of a 2007 synthetic collateral debt obligation (CDO) offering, than commentators up to and including British Prime Minister Gordon Brown fell all over themselves to convict Goldman as being “morally bankrupt.” It just seems too easy and too politically expedient to jump on this bandwagon."

Tony Lennox, editor of the Birmingham Press, according to The Journalism Hub:
"I’m not joking, the entire newspaper – content, pictures, design templates and all – is on a single laptop in my kitchen. I keep on waking in a sweat that the bloody thing’s crashed or that someone’s nicked it. If they did there’d be no edition next week."

Marc Reeves, former editor of the Birmingham Post, on the Birmingham Press on his blog: "I give it six months"

Former editor of the Birmingham Mail Steve Dyson on the launch of Birmingham Post Lite to counter the Press, comments on the Stirrer: "Surely a better plan for Trinity Mirror would have been to beef up the paid-for Post, and to do so with new resource that did not deplete the Mail? Producing an even-better product to compete against an invader could have won the war; but diluting all products to produce a spoiler that only cannibalises sales risks, at best, a Dunkirk."

NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear announcing the union is to save the Regional Press Awards: "At a time when newspaper groups bemoan the profitability of the industry and cuts in staffing and budgets threaten quality journalism, we are proud to be celebrating inspiring local and regional newspaper journalism. It would be unacceptable to see the great work of local and regional journalists – in print and online - go unrecognised."

Salisbury Journal editor Bill Browne on HoldtheFrontPage after online story 'Dog injures nose' gets record web traffic: "It's the biggest thing since I had two concrete badgers nicked from a doorstep in Basingstoke when I edited the Basingstoke Gazette... I understand from the newsdesk that it was a fairly slow news day on Saturday."

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