Friday 16 April 2010

Quotes of the Week

Robert Dougans of Bryan Cave LLP, who represented Simon Singh, told the Guardian : "To have won this case for Simon is the proudest moment of my career, but if we had the libel laws we ought to have I would never have met Simon at all. Until we have a proper public interest defence scientists and writers are going to have to carry on making the unenviable choice of either shying away from hard-hitting debate, or paying through the nose for the privilege of defending it."

The NUJ in Scotland calling for amateur journalists to be kicked out of sports reporting: "It is a scandal when journalists lose work and are then replaced by non-hacks, many with no professional training or qualifications. Every press box this season has had more than a fair share of policemen and teachers acting as 'fans with lap-tops' and it is galling to see living standards of journalists falling when it can be avoided by a simple commission to cover a game."

Guardian-editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger speaking at the Paley Center for Media in New York:  "I'm open to anything. I'm not Taliban of anti-charging. I want my journalists to pay their mortgages to be rich, happy people...well, they are never going to be rich." 

Steve Dyson on his blog reviewing regional newspapers about the battle between the local press and council newspapsers: "Is such a battle with Town Halls really needed or wanted, especially when the headlines are not as simple as those portrayed? For a start, many regional publishers are being just a tad hypocritical... they often hold the lucrative contracts to print and distribute the council papers they claim to hate."

Johnston Press reporter posts on HoldtheFrontPage"Atex was introduced in the NW about a month ago. Since then I have gone from being a reporter to a jack-of-all dogsbody, subbing my own pages, writing headlines and saving, uploading and processing pictures. And I'm supposed to write news stories as well.My output news-wise, like the rest of my colleagues, has halved as a result."

Shock, horror in the Sun : "KERRY Katona screamed as baboons had sex on her car - while Steven Gerrard took his kids around the same safari park."

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