Friday 9 April 2010

Quotes of the Week

NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear: “Trinity Mirror used a 41 per cent fall in pre-tax profits as justification for sacking almost 1,700 staff last year. But now we learn that Sly Bailey  received an obscene 66 per cent salary increase, so she trousers £1.68m. It’s a bloody disgrace. "

Colin Dunne in his new book Man Bites Talking Dog celebrating the glory days of newspapers: "Eccentricity was cherished. So the Daily Express reporter who, after some light social drinking with colleagues, crawled under the desk and bit the news editor savagely on the calf, was fired, of course, but he was reinstated the next day."

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee report on the future of regional and local media: "We endorse the sentiment that it is local journalism, rather than local newspapers, that needs saving. The two are far from mutually exclusive, but newspapers need to be innovative in the way they train their journalists to work in a multi-platform world." 

Observer political journalist Andrew Rawnsley in The Word: "This is not a fashionable point of view but newspapers are fantastic technology. You can fold them, tear bits off and give them to your mum, they are cheap..they are sustainable technology. The problem is a generation has been taught to believe that first music and now news ought to be free."

International Federation of Journalists president Jim Boumelha on the release on WikiLeaks of gunship video showing the shooting by US military of two Reuters staff in Iraq: “Altogether there have been 19 unexplained killings of media staff at the hands of US soldiers. The administration of Barack Obama cannot duck its responsibility to set aside the white-wash of self-exonerating reporting by the US army. Justice requires that there is no impunity and that the US military is held to account for its actions in Iraq.”

Daily Star splash on the day every other national leads on General Election being called: "Jordon Suicide Horror Over Peter."

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